Being a part of the team of Kids and Carrots

What is it like to work at Kids and Carrots? We asked some of our colleagues from Kids and Carrots. Read the stories and discover what makes working at Kids and Carrots so much fun.

‘I consciously made the switch to Kids and Carrots because this is a small-scale daycare center with small groups. In addition, Kids and Carrots pays a lot of attention to all seasons and we go outside as much as possible. Yoga and music lessons are also given by external teachers every week, which I think is very important for children. ‘

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‘I chose Kids and Carrots because the policy appealed to me and that the groups are smaller so that there is more attention for the children.’

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‘Kids and Carrots is a small-scale daycare, it appealed to me that there is a lot of attention for the children, but also for the staff! I also love the organic policy and the wooden toys, I think this is really good for the children! ‘

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“During my search for a job in childcare, Kids and Carrots immediately stood out for me. Because of their vision and how their policy is with and for the children. Commitment, love and respect are paramount and for me these are also very important points from which I try to live in society. ‘

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“Working with children is something special, every child is unique and that we can contribute a bit to the education is something very beautiful and special. No two days are the same and a pleasant, close collaboration with colleagues is also something I really enjoy about this work.

Simone would love to tell you why she loves to work at Kids and Carrots (dutch)