The baby groups are furnished with care and have a homely, warm atmosphere. The toys are mainly made of natural and soft materials. There is a snooze corner with toys to stimulate the young baby’s development. The climbing island is a favourite with young toddlers, as is the “learning to walk mirror”, a large mirror with a rod to encourage children to pull themselves up and stand up. For the oldest children in these groups, there is a play kitchen, a reading corner and a car corner. Almost every baby group has a hanging cradle of the brand Hussh cradles. In these cradles with canopy, the youngest babies can swing and feather in peace and quiet. The movement resembles the movements from the time when the baby was still sleeping in the womb. The babies sleep in one of the bedrooms.

The baby groups make use of the separate baby garden, so that they can also move about freely outside and crawl around on (artificial) grass. All pedagogical staff members at the baby groups have years of experience in working with young babies. Rest, cleanliness and regularity are the key words for these groups.

Going outside

At Kids and Carrots we play outside every day, so the garden is an important part of all our locations. The gardens are laid out with care while retaining natural elements. In the design, we strive for a good balance between free play and challenging play elements. Elements you may encounter in our gardens include playhouses, a picnic area, a traffic square, an outdoor workshop, a baby garden, a play hill with a slide and a sandpit.

The elements of nature are often favoured in our gardens, which is why water and sand play an important role. The water slide and/or tables guarantee hours of fun. Maintaining and updating the vegetable gardens is a regular outdoor activity. The pedagogical staff also organise various activities outside, such as searching for worms or leaves, slalom, throwing cans and drawing in the sand.

Regular visits are made to the library, the children’s farm and a city park. Kids and Carrots believes it is important that children are challenged to discover and learn new things.