High quality

Each Kids and Carrots childcare centre stands for high quality care. This can be seen in the extensive pedagogical policy, extra developmental activities, organic food, professional interior, sustainable materials, ergonomic and child-friendly furniture and the professional team. In addition, Kids and Carrots has taken numerous measures to guarantee the safety and health of the children, staff members and visitors. Kids and Carrots has a strict door policy. The entrance doors of Kids and Carrots are fitted with a code lock, so that only parents and staff members have access to the location. If another person comes to collect a child, parents must inform the nursery in advance and provide a name and photo of the person concerned. Health and safety risk inventories are drawn up every year. By means of these risk inventories, all possible risks are mapped out and measures are described to prevent the risks.

Safety and health

In the health and safety handbook we have described all measures and work instructions to work in a healthy and safe manner. These include hygiene measures such as instructions on food preparation, cleaning or storing pumped breast milk. The safety measures and instructions relate mainly to prevention, but also to supervision, construction measures and maintenance. By means of consultation moments, coaching and supervision, the pedagogic employees are instructed about the concerning work instructions. Management and directors see to it daily that all policy documents are observed in practice.

Children’s first aid

The law stipulates that at least one person must be in possession of a child first aid diploma. We find it important that all our employees know immediately how to act in case of an emergency and require our employees to follow the children’s first aid course. In addition, several in-house emergency response teams have been trained, so that there is always an in-house emergency response team present at all locations.

Inspection report

The Childcare Supervision Department of the GGD makes an unannounced visit to all childcare locations within the municipality on an annual basis. They observe the group and assess the pedagogical practice. In addition, they check whether sufficient staff are present, whether everyone has the correct diploma and a VOG and whether all necessary health and safety measures have been taken and are being observed. The GGD inspection reports are published on the website of the Kids and Carrots childcare centres. Our locations meet all legal standards and requirements for a childcare centre at all times. You can find the GGD inspection report per location (on the location page).