Well informed

We believe that contact with parents is very important. By means of a tour, parents are introduced to the team and get an impression of the group rooms, the atmosphere and the interaction between children and educational staff. After the tour, parents receive an information booklet in which they can read all the practical and pedagogical information. After enrolment, during the intake interview parents receive a folder with additional information, including information about the parent committee, exchange days, house rules and the complaints policy.

Bright and clear

Via the VerbeterMeter we continuously measure the satisfaction of our parents by means of questions and ratings. The results are suggestions that we put to work. This way, we can continue to improve our services. Alongside, you will find our current score from the VerbeterMeter, which is continuously monitored.

Once the childcare starts, we want to keep the parents as well and fully informed as possible about the development of their child, but also about activities and personnel matters. At the Kids and Carrots childcare centres we see the parents as the most important partners in raising their children, so we attach great importance to good contact. That’s why we have regular consultations with parents and a lot of time and attention is given to an extensive handover. This transfer takes place verbally when bringing and picking up the children, but at Kids and Carrots we also use other means to transfer information.

Beoordelingen via VerbeterMeter

Personal booklet

Each child receives a booklet on his or her first day of care. The pedagogical staff will write daily in this personal booklet. Practical matters such as sleeping times, bottles and meals are noted in it, as well as a bit about what the child has done, what activities have been undertaken and with whom he or she has played. In this way, parents are involved in the care and each day of each child is documented. In addition, parents can write back if they wish about practical and/or fun matters.


Kids and Carrots uses Konnect. In the parent portal you can view photos and videos and read messages about your child’s care. In the parent portal you can also easily request alternative days, view invoices, annual statements, changes etc. or cancel your child or request an extra day. The program is directly linked to our planning system.

The parent portal can be viewed via computer, tablet or smartphone.


Each Kids and Carrots childcare centre provides a monthly newsletter to all parents to inform them of various matters, such as outings and activities, new staff members or interns and other news about the childcare.

Parents’ committee

At the Kids and Carrots childcare centres we strive to have an active parent committee at each location. All parents receive a letter or email with additional information about the (desired) parent committee. If there are not enough applications, a call is placed immediately to recruit members of the parent committee in our newsletter and other media. The Parents’ Committee represents all parents at Kids and Carrots and meets at least once a year, possibly together with management, to discuss various topics such as the range of activities, nutrition policy or play materials. The Parents’ Committee has an advisory right. A confidential advisor and complaints coordinator are appointed within the Parents’ Committee and serve as a contact point for all Kids and Carrots parents. In addition, all parents may introduce topics for the meeting and can apply to be present at a Parents’ Committee meeting.