Childcare Locations in The Hague & Scheveningen

Kids and Carrots is a small-scale, unique and organic childcare centre in The Hague and Scheveningen. At our 5 locations we offer baby care, toddler care, pre-school care and after school care. Below you can find a overview of our locations.

Unique, healthy and small-scale childcare

Children are born with many talents and are inherently strong, powerful, and creative. Each child has their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings; each child is unique. Children are little explorers, eager to learn and curious, and they have their own pace of development. It is important that every child can be themselves and that emotions are recognized and experienced. We can only get to know, understand, and guide children by truly observing and listening to them. In this way, we can directly respond to their needs and interests.

Engagement, respect, and love are central in our interactions with the children. The children are approached with a positive, open, and calm attitude and receive undivided attention from the childcare professionals. Childcare professionals are there to provide children with a stimulating environment and to follow the child’s needs, ensuring they feel safe and secure, thereby creating a strong pedagogical climate.

Kinderdagverblijf Den Haag locaties


We offer high-quality childcare at our daycare locations in small groups of children aged 0 to 4 years. We work with horizontal groups, including baby groups, toddler groups, and toddler plus groups. We distinguish ourselves with our unique pedagogical vision based on, among others, the principles of Reggio Emilia. Core values ​​of this pedagogy include positive approach, free expression, and peace, regularity, and cleanliness. Our daycare centers are spacious and homely decorated with warm colors and natural, sustainable materials. All our food is organic, and our freshly prepared lunch consists of a complete meal with at least three different types of vegetables.