Well informed

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We think contact with parents is very important. This starts with the first acquaintance; our website clearly shows what our core values ​​are and how these core values ​​are expressed in practice. A guided tour introduces the team and gives parents an impression of the group spaces, the atmosphere and the interaction between children and pedagogical employees. After the tour, parents receive an information booklet in which they can read all practical and pedagogical information.

After registration, parents receive a folder with additional information during the intake interview, which includes information about the parent committee, exchange days, house rules and the complaints policy.

Once the childcare is started, we want to keep parents as well and fully informed as possible about the development their child is going through at childcare, but also about activities and personnel matters, for example. Kids and Carrots sees parents as the most important partners in the education of the children, so we attach great value to good contact. That is why we regularly consult with parents and there is a lot of time and attention for an extensive transfer. This transfer takes place orally during delivery and collection, but at Kids and Carrots we also use other means of information transfer.


Every child receives a diary on his or her first day of care. The pedagogical staff will write daily in this personal diary. Practical matters, such as sleeping times, bottles and meals, are noted here, as well as a bit about what the child has done, what activities have been undertaken and with who he or she has played. In this way, parents are involved in childcare and every child is documented every day. In addition, if desired, parents can write back about practical and/or fun matters.


Parents are treated with a photo of their child every day, if possible. After permission, a what’s app group is created with the parents and the group. The purpose of this is to show parents what their child is doing and experiencing at the childcare center by means of a photo or video. For consultation and the transfer, we prefer to have telephone or vocal contact. 

Parents’ committee

Kids and Carrots strives for an active parent committee at every location. All parents receive a letter or email with additional information about the (desired) parent committee. If there are not enough registrations, a call will immediately be made for recruiting parent committee members in our newsletter, among others.

The parent committee represents all the parents of Kids and Carrots and meets at least once a year, possibly together with the management/board, to meet about various topics such as the range of activities, the nutrition policy or play material. The parent committee has advisory rights. A confidential advisor and complaints coordinator are appointed within the parent committee, who serve as contact points for all parents of Kids and Carrots. In addition, all parents are allowed to submit topics for the meeting and can register for attendance at a parent committee meeting. 


Kids and Carrots Childcare provides a monthly newsletter to all parents to inform them about various matters, such as trips and activities, new employees or interns and other news about the childcare.