The Hague | Westerbaenstraat | 2,5 – 4 years old

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At this Kids and Carrots location, we offer high-quality childcare in small groups of children aged 0 to 4 years. We work with horizontal groups, including baby groups, toddler groups and toddler plus groups. We distinguish ourselves through our unique pedagogical vision based on the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia, among others. Core values of this pedagogy are a positive approach, free expression and peace, regularity and cleanliness. The locations are spacious and homey furnished with warm colours and natural, sustainable materials. All our food is organic and our freshly prepared lunch consists of a complete meal with at least three different kinds of vegetables.

This Kids and Carrots childcare centre is decorated with attractive custom-made furniture in warm and natural colours that give the room a homely feel. The garden is adjacent to the children’s farm ‘t Beestenspul and the fence has a view-through, so that the animals are also visible from the garden. The spacious garden has a traffic route with a car wash, a large sandpit, a water bowl, a vegetable garden, an outdoor workshop, a “restaurant” and a play hill.

Groups at the Westerbaenstraat:

Name group Age Maximum number of children
De Worteltjes 2,5/3 till 4 years old 11 children

Easily accessible

The Kids and Carrots nursery is easily accessible by public transport, car and bicycle. Use can be made of the Veenkade pick-up and drop-off lane. Here you can park briefly when bringing and picking up your child(ren). In front of the entrance there are a number of bicycle lanes where bicycles can be parked during drop-off and pick-up.

Westerbaenstraat 28
2513GJ The Hague

070 – 345 26 20
LRK: 185264062
Click here for an inspection report of this location.