Outside every day

At Kids and Carrots we think playing outside is very important. We go outside every day with the children who can walk. The fresh air is pleasant for the children and they can move around a lot. Even when it rains we play outside. We put on rain boots and stomp in the puddles. Our locations on the Veenkade and Westerbaenstraat border the children’s farm ‘t Beestenspul with their garden and have their own entrance or view to the farm. The small-scale children’s farm is a hidden oasis where children can learn about farm life in peace and quiet. The children find it an adventure time and again, which is why we regularly visit this children’s farm.

Our gardens

The babies also go outside as much as possible and can play peacefully in the separate baby garden. Our gardens are large and carefully designed with natural elements in mind. The children can make sand cakes in the sandpit and paint mud on the easel. In the playhouse their imagination comes alive and (sand) ice creams are regularly sold. In the traffic garden they can ride a whole course on the walking cars and bicycles and get their first traffic lesson. The free playground is ideal for rolling, resting, jumping and dancing. Maintaining and updating the vegetable garden is a regular outdoor activity. Furthermore, the pedagogical staff organise various activities outside, such as searching for worms or leaves, slalom, throwing cans and drawing in the sand.

Out and about

The toddler groups regularly visit the library, the children’s farm and a city park. Kids and Carrots believes it is important that children are challenged in discovering and learning new things. Therefore, several times a year special outings are organised with the toddler plus groups, for example a visit to the fire brigade, the Avonturia animal park, the beach or a theatre performance.