Kids and Carrots Childcare is a small-scale nursery with three locations in The Hague. A maximum of six babies aged 0 years and a maximum of six toddlers aged 1 to 2 years are cared for in the baby groups. A maximum of eleven children are cared for in the toddler groups. It is legally stipulated that we can take care of sixteen children from the age of 2, we have deliberately chosen to keep the number of children much lower, so that the children literally and figuratively have more space to grow and develop. There is also more time and space for the individual child, development-oriented activities and trips. We work with horizontal groups, the groups consist of children in the same age category. This enables us to better coordinate guidance, organization, materials and activities for the group and the individual. The groups are supervised by permanent pedagogical staff.

The spaces are homely decorated with soft, warm colors and natural, sustainable materials. The space is furnished with care and challenge and invites you to play and develop. Kids and Carrots sees space and materials as an important educational and pedagogical tool for the development of children.

Small scale daycare


Pedagogical vision