Support and attention

The Kids and Carrots team consists of carefully selected pedagogical employees. In addition, we think it is important that our employees really have a heart for working with children and can therefore give love and attention to the children in a natural way. Kids and Carrots attaches great importance to permanent, trusted pedagogical employees. By working with permanent employees, they really get to know the children and can quickly sense the individual needs of the child. The pedagogical assistants are supported at each location by a location manager, a pedagogical coach and various teachers.

The pedagogical staff all have relevant work experience and are screened prior to their employment by means of two references and possession of a valid Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).

All pedagogical employees have completed pedagogical training at a minimum PW3 level in accordance with the childcare collective labor agreement. In addition, we think it is important that there are also highly trained pedagogical employees within our team; who have a HBO diploma, such as Pedagogy or Social Pedagogical Assistance. Thanks to a mix of MBO and HBO-trained employees, Kids and Carrots has a dynamic team with a broad knowledge and experience of the young child. In addition, all employees regularly receive extra training and we offer all employees a children’s first aid course. We organize various staff outings to strengthen the mutual bond between employees. We think it is very important that everyone feels good about working and collaborating, to ensure a good atmosphere in the groups for the children, parents and employees.